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A resource for studying Milton's Paradise Lost





Paradise Lost — the poem

Plot: a handy summary of each book

Characters: descriptions of the poem's major figures

Language: the power of language in Milton's epic

Milton and the Critics: the reception of Paradise Lost



Milton's life: a biography of the poet

Religion (1): Milton's religious context

Religion (2): Milton and the Bible

Politics: Milton's political writing



Inheritance: Milton's influences in writing Paradise Lost

Imitation: the influence Milton had on later writers


Milton & the Arts

Illustration: how have artists re-interpreted Milton?

Music: musical ideas and images in Milton's poetry

Performance: could you put on Paradise Lost as a play?



Introduction: welcome to darkness visible

About us: our contributors on why we love Milton

Links to other online resources

Keep up to date with our What's New page

How to use this site: tips on quoting from darkness visible



A tour of Milton's Christ's: re-live his college years

Milton's Poems (1645) Portrait: an interactive exploration

Picture Gallery: stroll through Paradise Lost's visual world

Pictures in Time: illustrating Paradise Lost through the ages

Anatomy of an Illustration: Satan's Flight


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